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Re-Creation: Creators' Memoirs was a school project and the first game I took seriously. This last build still is very WIP, has some bugs and is far from being complete. 

  • 3D Character Art, 2D Art and Textures, Animation, Level Design and Programming by me.
  • 3D Environment, Music, Sound and Story by Francisco Cardoso Marques.
  • Level Design and Balancing by Frederico Galvão.
  • Business and Marketing by Inês Raeiro.


Marked by the remnants of war, an overpopulated world is guided towards extinction. From the ashes rises new life, a second chance, granted to mankind by the work of the Creators, god-like entities that brought technological advancement beyond the reaches of human imagination. But it all crumbled when they vanished... and in their stead, the iron fisted rule of the Conclave took place. 
Inevitably, the seeds of rebellion signed the downfall of the Conclaves' tyrannical rule... but this didn't lead to peace either. To this day, the two rebellious groups, the Exiles and the Descendents, fight a never ending war that many have forgotten by now... but many still suffer from. 
But now, as a new threat arises from the shadows of the past, so too does a faint glimpse of hope. 

PS4 Controller required.


  • Left Joystick - Walk
  • X - Interact
  • R1 - Sprint
  • Options - Pause Menu


  • Left Joystick - Strafe
  • Right Joystick - Aim
  • R2 - Basic Attack (no Cooldown)
  • L1, L2 and R2 - Abilities
  • Options - Pause Menu
  • D-Pad - Change Weapon

Proud IndieX 2018 Finalists.

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