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Marked by the remnants of war, an overpopulated world is guided towards extinction. From the ashes rises new life, a second chance, granted to mankind by the work of the Creators, god-like entities that brought technological advancement beyond the reaches of human imagination. But it all crumbled when they vanished... and in their stead, the iron fisted rule of the Conclave took place.
Inevitably, the seeds of rebellion signed the downfall of the Conclaves' tyrannical rule... but this didn't lead to peace either. To this day, the two rebellious groups, the Exiles and the Descendents, fight a never ending war that many have forgotten by now... but many still suffer from.
But now, as a new threat arises from the shadows of the past, so too does a faint glimpse of hope.

[Recommended] Gamepad (mapped for Xbox 360 controllers, if you don't have one I recommend DS4 or InputMapper for converting the inputs or using Mouse and Keyboard):

-Left stick to move and navigate menus;
-Right stick to look;
-A (or X for Playstation) to press buttons and interact;
-RB (or R1) to dash;
-RT (or R2) to attack;
-LB (or L1) for ability 1;
-LT (or L2) for ability 2;
-Menu button (or Options) to open the Pause Menu and to back from menus;

Mouse and Keyboard:

-M to toggle between Gamepad and Mouse and Keyboard (When combat starts, press M until the cursor appears);
-WASD to move and navigate menus;
-Mouse to look;
-Left mouse to Attack, press buttons and interact;
-Right Mouse to dash;
-Q for ability 1;
-E for ability 2;

Install instructions

Open the .zip file. Open Re-Re-Creation.exe.


CreatorsMemoirs.zip 611 MB


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so beauty but so hard

Thank you so much!
Also, it isn't very obvious, but when in combat, you can turn the character with the Right Analog Stick or with the Mouse.
If you're using the mouse, it sometimes gets hidden when the combat starts. Press "M" until it shows again, and you can use your mouse to look.
Anyway, sorry for that, still needs a lot of polish and balancing.

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OK :d this game have good stage ... problem mouse ...think for aimbot for easy battle.think